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NCETA 2017 Call for Proposals

Composing Sustainability Through Language Arts

Deadline  August 1, 2017

To advocate is to write or speak in support of, to recommend publically, or to urge by argument. Educators serve in this role on a daily basis through their selection of curriculum materials, their inclusion of parents in their child’s learning, their membership on school-based leadership teams, their own ongoing academic exploration, and their personal funding of classroom materials. Often the mantra for teachers, curriculum facilitators, administrators, and support personnel is “whatever it takes” to ensure students not only learn standards but also develop into inquisitive, creative, responsible, caring individuals.

As we gather for this year’s annual conference, we want to celebrate the best of what all educators do each day to support their students. Whether it’s a well-planned lesson that offers scaffolding for missing skills, a parent involvement program that helps parents feel more comfortable assisting their children academically, a professional learning opportunity that connects educators for meaningful dialogue, or innovative techniques for acquiring necessary resources, everyday stakeholders within the school, the district, and the community work individually and collaboratively not only to meet the individual needs of
children but also to uplift one another. We are stronger together through our support and determination that no child will be overlooked or forgotten.

You are encouraged to submit a proposal to share and celebrate the success within your school or district. Help us to learn and to be excited by the possibilities for change in our own communities.

Though not limited to these ideas, we are particularly interested in proposals for poster sessions and 75-minute, interactive sessions or roundtables that address the following:

  • Research-based Best Practices for Instruction
    Effective Parent and Community Engagement
  • Resource Allocation to Support All Students
  • Best Practices for Identifying, Growing, and Supporting Teacher Leaders
  • Meaningful Professional Learning Opportunities
  • Successful Civic Engagement with Legislators
  • Making Community with LGBTQ, ESL/ELL, AAE, Urban, Rural, or Other Culturally or Linguistically Diverse Students

We will give preference to those sessions that address the conference theme, demonstrate the connections between theory and practice (praxis), and engage participants in hands-on learning and dynamic interaction.  Please submit your proposals using the form below by June 15, 2015.

All presenters, virtual or face-to-face, must register and pay the conference fee of $125 ($50 full-time students) by September 15, 2017.  Registration fees increases to $150 ($75 full-time student) after September 15.

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